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, binge binge binge, sue. you've got it, charlotte, north carolina. >> what? >> yes! >> one of my favorite places, actually. >> lovely. >> exciting. >> the first to guess and win. >> really? >> sue, way to go. >> i'm buying a lottery ticket. do i get the house? >> now, which of these two houses -- you have to decide which one represents the better value, given the location in the market right there. >> what do you think? >> based on we already guessed where the house is so what do you think is a better house valuewise? >> i think valuewise, the $950,000 in highland park is probably a better value than a million in charlotte. >> sioux? >> you know, it comes down to lifestyle. i would pick charlotte, i think, because the lifestyle down there is really lovely. >> you're both right. they're both great houses, great locations, great lifestyles, but at the end of the day, you really have to look at price appreciation. without question, the better bet in that case is chicago. >> all right. >> one out of two. >> better employment prospects, a lot more going on for it, and very close to a big metro
without ass. >> stephanie: we almost collided going to that award. and because i wanted the lady bing award, i stepped back at the last moment -- >> the what? >> stephanie: it's the hockey award for the nicest player? >> the lady bing award. >> stephanie: some hockey fan call me and tell me i'm right. >> i never new bing crosby had a sex change. >> the lady bing award. >> stephanie: senator grassley. >> this would not have stopped newtown. people who steal guns do not submit to background checks. [ sighs ] >> stephanie: okay. so as jim says often, we can't do anything then? because that wouldn't have stopped that specific tragedy. it would have stopped virginia tech. >> people will drive fast so there's no need for speed limits. >> stephanie: thank you. thank you. well-known southern >> bill: lindsey graham. >> we're trying to take it to the violent criminal rather than the innocent second amendment citizen. >> stephanie: oh, my stars and garters. >> if only our best interest at heart. >> stephanie: yet another thing that gives lindsey graham the vapors. the erosion
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2